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We can help you with ALL Alabama DUI charges as:

  • Driver’s license suspension, revocation and reinstatement hearings
  • DUI charges based on unreliable blood or breath test evidence
  • DUI charges based on field sobriety test results
  • First-offense DUI
  • Repeat DUI charges, including felonies based on prior DWI convictions from other states
  • Vehicular homicide or assault charges related to drunk driving accidents

We can help you understand:

  • How much do DUI defense lawyers cost?
  • How to choose a DUI attorney?
  • When you need to hire a DUI defense lawyer?
  • Who to hire to represent you when you are charged or accused of drunk driving?
  • Why it is important to hire a DUI defense lawyer if you have been charged or accused?

The following questions and answers are general in nature and are not intended as legal advice.


Jason C. Neff represents clients in all courts, not only in Tuscaloosa County.

  • Tuscaloosa Municipal Court
  • Tuscaloosa County District Court
  • Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court
  • Tuscaloosa County Drug Court
  • Northport Municipal Court
  • Brookwood Municipal Court
  • Lakeview Municipal Court

1. Will I lose my driver’s license for my first DUI offense?

It depends. The implied consent law for the State of Alabama does provide for a 90-day license suspension if you, after operating a vehicle on an Alabama roadway, take the breathalyzer and blow over the legal limit of .08 or refuse the breathalyzer test after being read implied consent.

2. Can I get a DUI in a private parking lot?

Yes, the law in Alabama says that if you are in actual physical control of a vehicle, you can be charged with DUI. This includes private parking lots, parking spaces, driveways, etc.

3. Can I get Youthful Offender for a first DUI if I am under 21?

If you are a person charged with DUI and you are under 21 at the time of your arrest, you can be granted Youthful Offender status. This status will seal the court records so that the general public cannot view your criminal record.

4. Do I have to be from Alabama to get Youthful Offender?

No, any person that is under 21 at the time of their arrest can apply for Youthful Offender status regardless of which state he/she is licensed to drive in.

5. Will I go to jail for a DUI charge?

If this is your first DUI, you will likely not go to jail for a conviction. You should still seek the advice of Jason C. Neff to protect your rights and ensure that you don’t have to serve any jail time.

6. What happens if I took the breathalyzer and blew over .15?

In September 2012, the law changed to adopt an aggravated DUI. If you blew over a .15, you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The new law has changes that drastically impact your driver’s license.

7. What is the cost of a DUI conviction going on my criminal record?

Because DUIs can stay on your record for a lifetime, the costs are great. You should think about hiring an attorney because a conviction will follow you. Unless you are properly represented, this event in your life could cost you thousands of dollars, possible jobs, and it could even prevent you from getting into certain colleges and schools.

8. How much will it cost with fines, classes, and court costs?

Each court in Tuscaloosa has different fees, fines, and costs. Also, depending on what number of DUI this is for you, the cost will vary. Jason C. Neff can discuss with you what costs may apply to your case.

9. Do Tuscaloosa Courts have a Pre-Trial/Diversion Program?

Yes, Tuscaloosa courts do have Pre-Trial programs. Please consult with Jason C. Neff about any questions you have regarding this matter.

10. What if I lose my license but continue to drive?

If a person whose license has been revoked or suspended due to drunk driving chooses to drive without a valid license and is pulled over, he or she stands to suffer more serious consequences, including possible fines, imprisonment, forfeiture of his or her vehicle, or extension of the license revocation/suspension. The more prudent course of action is to rely on friends and family for rides or use public transportation during a license revocation or suspension. However, there is an appeal process, and once you have retained an attorney, they can help you get your license reinstated.

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