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Minor in possession laws – also known as underage drinking laws target sales of alcohol to minors and public possession of alcohol by minors. Since 1984  all states in the United States have raised their drinking age to 21.

How Do States Regulate Under-Age Drinking?

All states may regulate alcohol distribution and sale. Some common under-age alcohol activities include:

  • Fake ID / Identification
  • Minors’ consumption
  • Minors’ misrepresentation of age 
  • Possession of alcohol by minors
  • Purchase of alcohol by minors
  • Sales to minors

State laws punish both the provider of the alcohol and the minor who obtained it.

Some states are more aggressive than others in regulating alcohol sales and possession by minors.

These can be for things like:

  • Entering Bars
  • Keg Parties
  • Making Fake IDs 


Possible Alabama Minor In Possession of Alcohol Penalties

In Alabama violators will be issued a fine ranging from $50 to $500 and face up to 3 months in jail. In addition, the Department of Public Safety will suspend the person’s driver’s license for 3 to 6 months and charge a reinstatement fee of $275.

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