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It is a sinking feeling that most of us experience at least one time during our lives.

It is caused by receiving a traffic ticket.

With a ton of work being done on Alabama roads and highways, it is important to understand the legal and financial implications of receiving a ticket in a construction zone. Throw in the ramping up of law enforcement personnel on Saturdays when the Crimson Tide takes the field in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the number of traffic tickets written skyrockets.

It is not just about enforcing the law. Many of the 100,000 fans attending a University of Alabama football game are unaware of the traffic laws that apply to drivers within the State of Alabama. If you have received a traffic ticket, you need to act with a sense of urgency to avoid costly penalties, as well as black marks against your driving record. Additionally, many out of state drivers do not realize that just paying a ticket here in Alabama will result in a suspension of their license in their home state. Call now to make sure your not one of those people.

Traffic ticket attorney Jason C. Neff helps clients build defenses that often lead to traffic tickets either being dismissed or marked down to a less serious offense. Jason wants his clients to understand that not all traffic tickets result in a fine. There are several other traffic-related offenses that can result in both a fine and jail time. If you compile enough points on your driving record over a certain period, you also run the risk of losing your license.

Here are a few of the traffic-related offenses that can result in a significant penalty:

• Reckless driving
• Speeding in a Construction Zone
• Fleeing the scene of an auto accident
• Failing to stop at the scene of an auto accident
• Driving while having your license suspended
• Operation a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (DUI/DWI)

Minor Traffic Offenses in Alabama

The majority of traffic ticket cases Jason C. Neff works on involves what the State of Alabama refers to as minor offenses. However, our experienced traffic ticket attorneys want you to know that traffic tickets for minor offenses do not simply go away. You need to know that for even a simple speeding ticket you can receive up to 10 days in jail. In the last year, with the increase in speeders traveling over 100 mph, the District Attorney has started demanding 48-72 hours in jail if for those caught traveling over 100 mph. You have to work with an Alabama licensed traffic ticket lawyer to prevent possible jail time, an increase in your car and life insurance rates, as well as prevent points added to your driving record. In addition, a driving record that is blemished by several traffic violations can have a negative impact on the legal process that unfolds for other offenses.

Two Types of Traffic Violations

Alabama separates traffic violations into two categories: Court appearance not required and court appearance required. You can pay your fine up to 24 hours before your court date to take care of a traffic ticket that does not require a court appearance. On the other hand, a required court appearance means you must attend a court hearing on the date listed in your court citation.

In either case, you should hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney such as Jason C. Neff to address every legal aspect of your case. Just because you do not have to appear in court does not mean you should admit defeat and pay what can be a costly fine.

Why You Should Work with Jason C. Neff

Why should you hire a highly rated traffic ticket lawyer like Jason C. Neff to represent you? The answer boils down to one word. RESULTS!!!! It is all about money.

Insurers operating in Alabama consider several factors for establishing rates. The most important factor is the status of your driving record. Even a minor traffic ticket for speeding under normal driving conditions will show up on your driving record and hence, alert your insurance company about your traffic transgression.

After Mr. Neff successfully reduces or eliminates a traffic ticket from your driving record, your car insurance company will not have a valid reason for raising your monthly car insurance premiums. Any money you spend on an Alabama traffic ticket lawyer today will save you a considerable amount of money down the road.

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Jason C. Neff , Attorney

Jason C. Neff , Attorney